With its teammates who are experienced, educated, have high communication skills and always care about customer satisfaction, Maraton continues to serve its customers 24/7 with its VIP vehicles.


Working with a team of translators at the native level in order for patients to feel at home and live more comfortably, Maraton makes the difference of superior quality speak.


Choosing even the most luxurious hotels in the country, Maraton ensures that patients meet their accommodation needs comfortably without encountering any problems.


Meticulously meeting all the needs of the patients day and night, Maraton does not allow even the slightest complication with regular care and processes all the fine details in accordance with the procedures.

Required Tests

Maraton, which does not allow patients to show any signs of complications, and undergoes all necessary tests, does not hesitate to think about the smallest detail.

Postoperative Control

With detailed follow-up and controls, Denticana fully implements its working principles, enabling patients with a sensitive body to get over the post-operative period quickly.


Our company, which was established in 1998 with the title of Marathon Travel Agency, has achieved many successes throughout the country. It has served our country in the tourism sector for 25 years. With the change of title (MAPRE Healthcare Travel Agency) in 2023, we are stepping into the Health tourism sector with the goal of globalization by adding strength to our structure. We continue our efforts to serve our patients with our specialist physicians, hospitals that meet the competency requirements, and our professional team.

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Private Grand Medical Hospital
Guzelyurt, 19 May Blvd. No:4, 45030 Yunusemre/Manisa
Private Ege City Hospital
Yenişehir, Gaziler St. No:472, 35180 Konak/İzmir
Ata Health Hospital
Kazımdirik, 297 St. No:1 (Metro Stadium Station) Bornova/İzmir